‘Tea for two’ & ‘A clean sweep’

Dos piezas de la escultora Lesley Yendell: “Tea for two” (taza) y “A clean sweep” (cepillo), han sido expuestas en el Barri Gòtic de Barcelona, en el marco del Festival DrapArt’21. Del 23 de diciembre de 2021 al 6 de enero de 2022 ambas piezas han estado en la Plaça Frederic Marès del Carrer de la Palla como muestra de Arte Público.

Consuelo Bautista es la autora de las fotografías. Ubicación: https://goo.gl/maps/ry6XmwMzUMe5HYBJ9

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Check out “Storm Pulse – Lesley Yendell” from La Bonne on Vimeo.
The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/379711200
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Exposició ‘4 x 4’

Great news, finally the exhibition we showed at LAPEK is on show at the wonderful new exhibition space in Femart, Ca La Dona, Calle Ripoll 25, 08002 Barcelona.

15th Nov – 30 January

Open Monday to Friday 17,00 – 19,30

28th November 17,00, Artists in Conversation moderated by Assumpta Bassas.

30th January, 19,00,  Closing of Exhibition, evening of performance and glass of wine


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Paisatge Líquid

Looking forward to the opening of ‘Paisatge Líquid’  on the 18th May….watch this space!!cartell facebook

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Viaje Telúrica PR

My dear friend Pajaro shared this article on my piece ‘Plato Rotos’ from a previous exhibition in 2014. This is one of my favourite gallery spaces, it is at  the Parque de Esculturas “Tierras Altas Lomas de Oro”, Vilaslada de Cameros, La Rioja.

The Parque de Esculturas is a place which holds so many good memories for me. I am grateful to Francisco Gestal for taking the time and thought to write the article…

click here to read…


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