Corpologia 24

Corpologia 23

Todo se aleja, respiro, dentro de mi abrigo rojo siento la postura de mi cuerpo, cómodo. Mi cráneo tocando la tierra, las plantas de mis pie hacia el cielo. Me siento tan pequeña, acurrucada en la tierra, no pienso, siento, entonces mi viaje comienza…..


‘Seedings’ es un conjunto de conceptos encarnados en una acción. Amortiguar, sembrar, arraigar, extender, indagar, fuerzas escondidas, sangre, tierra, cargas, luchas, todo esta presente en una pieza que tiene muchas capas de significados.



Ocells al Cap

ocells a la bonne 2016

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The Pomps of the Subsoil moments from an action/improvisation for Escena Poble Nou….The action was inspired by a painting of the same name by Leonora Carrington (1917 – 2011). Realized by the group Ocells al Cap in October.

Coordination Denys Blacker
Artists Denys Blacker, Natalia Espinet, Marta Vergonyós, Juliette Murphy, Montse Seró, Lesley Yendell, Mireia Zantop

Photographer Clàudia Serrahima


Corpologia 21

Corpologia 21


Work in Progress

Last night, Corpologia at the Antic Teatro, using video I created at Bemis…


Corpologia 18 Antic Teatro Barcelona


Corpologia 17

summer edition of Corpologia at Nau Coclea.


…. lx4 is an evocative action that enters a poetic universe of light, it explores the formal qualities of extension, light, transparency and the duality of light and dark and their various symbolic associations.
Amongst other things the piece is a consideration of the interaction between the artist and a formal element working with attention to pace, movement and tension and the resulting forms and shapes. It is I suppose a search for some kind of fusion between action and a sculptural element.

Ocells al Cap


‘Birds’ this week along with other artists from the ‘Corpology’ group we re visited Allen Kaprow’s happening ‘Birds’. The activity is linked to the current exhibition ‘Allen Kaprow. Altres Maneras’ currently on show at the Tapies Foundation.


BEP 2 work in progress

BEP2 work in progress

BEP2 work in progress Photo by Jordi Nebot


‘KPI 1’

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Key performance indicators (KPI) are types of performance measurement used in business to evaluate success, Sometimes success is defined in terms of making progress toward strategic goals, but often success is simply the repeated, periodic achievement of some level of operational goal.

 This action is a reflection on performance and success or ‘failure’…a toy truck enters and deposits its load of broken plates on the the floor, an attempt is made to  reassemble the broken plates. The broken fragments are placed to form cracked and broken porcelain circles – once whole, now broken and ‘failed’ these cracked arrangments offer new unforseen possibilities.

 ‘There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.’ Leonard Cohen




‘CTP’ for Corpologia 15


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CTPs Critical Time Paths are a way of organising for tasks to finish on time, crucial to manufacturing critical time paths can make or break a business.


This action is a reflection on our individual critical time paths and focuses on the small repetitive daily round of chores and tasks to be done and achieved each day and the larger critical time path of life itself.


The supporting vehicular structure for this piece carries a stencil of a heartbeat mounted on wheels on one side of its axis and a collection of brushes mounted on wheels on the other; above there is a small round screen on which are projected images of everyday objects.


The heart beat is repeatedly stencilled in flour and the image left behind on the floor, as the stencilled heartbeats are about to meet up and complete a circle, this is prevented by the collection of brushes that sweeps the image away. The image is impossible to complete. The tasks impossible to fulfil, frustrating and absurd, is the struggle enough to fill our heart or to stop it.




‘LX2’ for Corpologia 12

Corpologia is a group of artists who meet regularly to show performance and actions. It’s value lies in that it is a space both physical and mental where we can experiment and explore new ideas amongst other artists and a small public.

For Corp 12 I continued to work on the ‘LX’ , its kinetic aspects – pace, interaction, movement and tension. Here are some drawings I did thinking about how I was going to work with the columns of light….

and an image from the action!

‘LX2’ (Work in Progress)

DSC_06 DSC_07 DSC_08 DSC_09




The small suitcase is liberated from its defined materiality and becomes a kinetic and transformative element made for this ‘work in progress’.
Redolent of symbolic associations it enters into a poetic universe of light, veils and metaphor in this evocative action which explores formal qualities of extension, light and transparency, and concepts of union, duality, real and unreal, loss and re-encounter.
A work in progress….


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Moments from ‘ALBO’ FEM 12 Festival, Girona, Spain, 2012.

‘ALBO’ is an action expressed by light and shadow, dust and drawing. It explores the idea of memory and its loss and related ideas of identity, relationships, loss and transience.

In this action white flour becomes a symbolic and transformative material and tools made especially for the elaboration of the action function as sculptural and kinetic elements.

Sound for ‘ALBO’ created by Lucho Hermosilla

Photos by Ana Rita Rodrigues

‘Buscandose el Pan’, City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009.

Performance Buscandose el Pan

‘Buscandose el Pan’, City of Women Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009.

Photo by Nada Zgank

National Review of Live Art ,Glasgow.BUSCANDOSE EL PAN-1. glasgow_Page_07_Image_0001

Photo by Diego Gutierrez


A supurb video made by Diego can be found on BEP. Lesley  Yendell on Vimeo.

video link: password :bep