Corpologia 15

Corpologia 15 took place on the 25th April in Celra, here are some photos of the action ‘CTP’ and further ventures into invented apparatus…

'Critical Time Path'

‘Critical Time Path’

Lesley Yendell CTPs
CTPs Critical Time Paths are a way of organising for tasks to finish on time, crucial to manufacturing critical time paths can make or break a business.
This action is a reflection on our individual critical time paths and focuses on the small repetitive daily round of chores and tasks to be done and achieved each day and the larger critical time path of life itself.
The supporting vehicular structure for this piece carries a stencil of a heartbeat mounted on wheels on one side of its axis and a collection of brushes mounted on wheels on the other; above there is a small round screen on which are projected images of everyday objects.
The heart beat is repeatedly stencilled in flour and the image left behind on the floor, as the stencilled heartbeats are about to meet up and complete a circle, this is prevented by the collection of brushes that sweeps the image away. The image is impossible to complete. The tasks impossible to fulfil, frustrating and absurd, is the struggle enough to fill our heart or to stop it.

For more images of this action look at Performance..



About Lesley Yendell

Hi, I am an English sculptor based in Spain. I have worked on various projects around Europe. My work draws both from the domesticated landscape of the Penedes, and everyday domestic objects. It concentrates on the transformation of these objects and introduces new criteria to value not only their aesthetic effect but also their communicative power.
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