‘Buscandose el Pan’ the video by Diego Gutiérrez and Soto of the performance created by Lesley Yendell for the NRLA has been included in the exhibition ‘HOMELAND’ at the Damer House Gallery, Roscrea.
Other artists included in the show are Alan Phelan, Lisa Fingleton. Fiona Woods, Michelle O’Conner, Margaret Tuffy, Patricia Prieto, Deborah McDonagh, Whitty GordonProject, Patricia McKenna, Johanna Hopkins, Angie Duignan, Justy Phillips, Gana Roberts, Wendy Miles, Sinead Donald, Brenden Fox and Patrick Fitzgerald.
The exhibition opens on the 7th June and is interconnected with the Barcelona International Loop Festival!

Lesley Yendell-Buscandose el pan glasgow_Page_07Lesley Yendell-Buscandose el pan glasgow_Page_05


About Lesley Yendell

Hi, I am an English sculptor based in Spain. I have worked on various projects around Europe. My work draws both from the domesticated landscape of the Penedes, and everyday domestic objects. It concentrates on the transformation of these objects and introduces new criteria to value not only their aesthetic effect but also their communicative power.
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