Artist in School, Project ‘Habitat’, Escola Rossend Montané,

I was recently invited to work on a creative project at the Escola Rossend Montané, Sant Pere Molanta, Alt Penedes. Apart from creating an artistic project, myself and the school looked to contribute to the schools educational programme, to that end the project was carried out in English.

Entitled ‘Habitat’  the project’s introductory slide shows bought in such content as animal habitats and architecture. The practical process of the construction involved mathematics, measuring, creating plans, and working cooperatively, and much more….

The childrens school age ranged from three to twelve years old, so tasks for all ages were necessary. Tasks included construction with bamboo, working with plaster bandage, tieing knots, applying masking tape and painting; some times these tasks generated a need for the older children to help the younger ones which made a nice dynamic relationship between the year groups.

A visit from students on the study abroad programme at the FUAB in Barcelona, coninciding with an interview on the local television all added to the excitement.

All in all it was a fantastic experience rounded

off by a hug and a kiss from each of the children…

These are some pictures from the first days of the project….I will be adding to them over this week….

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About Lesley Yendell

Hi, I am an English sculptor based in Spain. I have worked on various projects around Europe. My work draws both from the domesticated landscape of the Penedes, and everyday domestic objects. It concentrates on the transformation of these objects and introduces new criteria to value not only their aesthetic effect but also their communicative power.
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